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Amongst the narrow Laines of Brighton (England) lives an elusive yet prolific Illustrator
who goes by the moniker of MEGAMUNDEN. 

He leaves a trail of work on walls, billboards, magazines, figurines, products, paper and skin.
From crafting for corporate giants to meticulous tattoo designs for private clients, ceiling murals
in affluent New York apartments to local shop frontages – another surface is just another canvas.
Vintage skate art, psychedelia, nature and an essence of the Far East are all combined to create
his signature melting-pot style. 

Nike Snowboarding, Volvo, Carhartt, Howies, Penguin & Levi's are a handful amongst many
that have fallen for his distinctive designs.

Over recent years MEGAMUNDEN has immersed himself in tattoo art and culture which has
eventually led to the creation of 'The Tattoo Colouring Book' commissioned and published in 2013
by Laurence King Publishing - BUY HERE.

MEGAMUNDEN also works full-time as Lead Designer at ILoveDust.

For all enquiries and commissions please call or email via:

E -
T - +44 (0) 7793 607293